If you or your company need assistance somewhere along the data analysis pipeline, I may be a good fit.

I have experience in data extraction and retrieval, including web scraping of both static and dynamic content. I am well versed in SQL and have set up relational databases for various personal projects, including ones that required “big data.” I do most of my data cleaning and manipulation in R, and enjoy helping others wrangle their data via Stack Overflow questions.

On the analytical side, I have experience using modern machine learning techniques (neural nets, tree-based methods, etc.) as well as building traditional statistical models, with an emphasis on Bayesian methods. I recently co-authored an open source research paper that uses a hierarchical regression built in Stan.

And finally, I take pride in clear, intuitive summary and visualization and am comfortable building out deliverables, including interactive web apps via Shiny.

If these are the types of skills your team needs, please reach out to me through the email listed to the left!