Gradient Ascent: Finding Uphill Routes for my Long Walks Jan 23, 2021 An old back injury makes it so that walking uphill is much more comfortable for me than walking downhill. A programmatic search for uphill routes reveals how strict constraints and “greedy” decisions can lead to sub-optimal results.
Avoiding Variance on my Morning Commute Jan 10, 2021 Sacrificing value for certainty is a common tradeoff in life. Is this what I was (accidentally) doing when I started walking the first part of my daily commute instead of taking the subway? Some historical MTA data can help answer that question.
Pushing Google's Autocorrect to the Limit Dec 26, 2020 Everyone makes errors sometimes when hastily typing a query into a search bar, and most of the time Google is able to recognize your mistake and offer a suggestion. But what is this algorithm’s breaking point? How badly can you mis-type a word before even Google doesn’t know what you mean anymore?